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Exciting Things Are on the Horizon

University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina soon will become Vidant Health.

For years, the name University Health Systems has stood for the highest level of care in eastern North Carolina. As we evolve and strengthen our integrated system, the time has come to evolve our name as well.

We are bringing together 11,000 employees, 9 hospitals and hundreds of primary care and specialty providers, working together as one to create a truly interconnected system of care -- a system of health care for North Carolina.

The Vidant look 

Our new mark, with its stylized “V”, symbolizes Vidant as an interconnected system of care. It was designed to support our system values and to reflect a confident, strong and caring organization that focuses on the patient at the core of our efforts.

Our new logo is human and warm, showcasing our role as a health care partner – not just a health care provider. It highlights our focus on patients, who are the center of everything we do. In the overlapping shapes that make up our logo, the shared core represents our core: the people and communities we serve. This highlights our system of care, which provides access to quality services for everyone.

Our commitment to the health of families and communities in eastern North Carolina will never change. We look forward to reintroducing ourselves to you as Vidant Health.