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    Cancer services at Vidant Edgecombe Hospital

    We offer a variety of services to our cancer patients, including

    Bisphosphanites Genetic testing for high risk patients
    Blood and platelet transfusions Hematology consultations and treatment
    Bone marrow biopsies Hormonal injections
    CADD infusions Hydration
    Cancer care navigators Implanted central access device flushes
    Chemotherapy Intermittent IV antibiotic therapy
    Colony stimulating factor (CSF) injections IV iron replacement therapy
    Community breast resource center Support groups
    Digital mammography  Therapeutic phlebotomy
    Gamma globulin transfusions Vaccine therapy


    As part of Vidant Health, we are also able to provide easy access to advanced level treatments such as Gamma Knife and CyberKnife procedures at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville.

    We're easy to find

    We are conveniently located in Tarboro, the county seat of Edgecombe County. While many of our patients live in townships in Edgecombe County such as Speed, Conetoe, Battleboro, Tarboro, Leggett, Pinetops and Macclesfield, we also see patients from as far away as Virginia Beach. Patients from other areas of North Carolina seek us out for treatment as well.