Classes and Tours

We offer classes to help you prepare for your child's birth as well as tours of our hospital so that you feel comfortable coming to us. To schedule a tour or register for classes, call 1-800-472-8500 or click on classes/events. Please schedule your tour during your 36th week of pregnancy.    

Prenatal Tour 

Childbirth Classes  Group sessions covering late pregnancy and preparation for childbirth: series of classes or a one-day Saturday class. Attend class around 32 to 37 weeks of pregnancy. Prenatal Tour included. $50 per couple.

Breastfeeding Basics  Group session covering advantages of breastfeeding, getting started and the first few weeks at home. Free.

Baby Care Basics  Group session covering general newborn and infant care, feeding, growth and development, and parenting. $20 per couple.

Sibling Class and Tour  One-hour group session for children ages 3 and older; includes a walk through the Labor and Delivery, Nursery and Postpartum areas, as well as a practice session with life-size infant dolls. Offered two times per month. Free.

Grandparents Tour  An opportunity for grandparents to tour the hospital and learn about childbirth and grandparenting. Free.


We appreciate your feedback!  After you have completed your childbirth class or tours please take this short survey.   Your feedback is valuable as we continue to improve our programs.