Thank you for letting us take part in this special event. When you're ready to come to the hospital, we want to make sure your admission goes as smoothly as possible. Please follow these steps before you arrive to help make the process quick and simple.

Pre-registration process

You may have received a pre-registration book from your doctor. If you don't have one, you may download it. There is a form in the back of the book. Please complete it and mail it to:

Vidant Medical Center
Attn: Women's Lobby
PO Box 6028
Greenville, NC 27835

We will enter your information into our computer system by your 32nd week so that your admission information will be ready for your arrival. This form does not reserve a particular type of room. If we do not receive the form at least six to eight weeks before your due date, the information may not be entered when you arrive. So you may have to fill out the forms again.

  • List all insurance on the pre-registration form, indicating which plan will cover your baby.
  • Any deductible or co-payment required by your insurance company should be paid before your delivery. There are cashier's stations in the Women and Children's registration area, the main Admissions lobby and the Centralized Business Office (located directly behind Wendy's on Memorial Drive). Be sure to bring all of your insurance cards when making a payment.

Feel free to call 252-847-7105 if you have any questions about your pre-registration form or payments.

When you arrive at the hospital

You do not have to call before coming to the hospital unless your doctor has told you otherwise. If you are coming in for a scheduled procedure (such as induction of labor or cesarean section), we will instruct you to call the morning of your procedure to verify arrival time, or you may receive a call from one of our staff members. When you arrive, the lobby receptionist will ask you your due date and the type of room you prefer. You may then be taken to our labor and delivery triage/observation area to determine whether you need to be admitted.

  • If you are at least 20 weeks pregnant, come directly to the Women and Children's registration area. Bring your personal identification and your insurance or Medicaid card with you. Use the intercom, by the entrance doors, to alert the staff if you arrive between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am.
  • If you are less than 20 weeks pregnant, your physician or midwife may make arrangements for you to be admitted into the Hospital. He or she may tell you to come to the Emergency Department or to the Women and Children's registration area. Please follow your doctor's instructions.

The entrance to the Women's Center lobby faces Stantonsburg Road. A canopy covers the entrance driveway where someone may park for 15 minutes while they bring you inside to check in. 

If you have artificial nails, please remove at least one before you come to the hospital. We will use your finger to help monitor your vital signs. Again, thank you for choosing us to deliver your new baby.

What to bring

It's usually best to pack your bag early. This list can help you and your support person prepare items to bring to the hospital.

After your baby is born, a staff member will come in asking you to fill out a form for the birth certificate. You can download this form here, fill it out in advance and bring it with you.