Our Facility

Women's Care at Vidant Medical Center works hard to ensure that all women delivering at the center as well as their families are comfortable and cared for in a high-quality, safe environment. We serve as the regional referral center for high-risk pregnancies. For babies that need extra care, our Level III neonatal intensive care unit is located in the adjacent James and Connie Maynard Children's Hospital.

We encourage a family-centered approach to care with our patients, allowing family visitation and input throughout the hospital stay.

Labor and Delivery Unit

We deliver more than 3,500 babies every year. At Women's Care we have:

Side A 

  • A 3-bed triage/procedure area
  • 7 labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum rooms

Side B 

  • 4 labor, delivery and recovery rooms
  • 12 labor rooms
  • 4 operating/delivery rooms
  • A 2-bed post-anesthesia care area

Antepartum Care

We have a 12-bed antepartum unit for high-risk patients who need hospitalization for pregnancy complications such as elevated blood pressure, preterm labor, multiples, premature rupture of membranes and other complications. These patients frequently have limited activity or are on bed rest. Fetal monitoring is available in this area.

Postpartum Rooms

We have a 28-bed unit for moms following a vaginal or cesarean birth.


We encourage and support "rooming-in" for all healthy, full-term babies.

We also have a 21-bed nursery for babies who need extra care and monitoring in the hospital after mom have been discharged. The Special Care Nursery (SCN) includes six parent rooms that offers a private space for bonding, breastfeeding, mother and family education, and discharge planning.