Psychiatric Medicine

Our Psych-Med unit is a clinical program provided by Behavioral Health at Vidant Medical Center. Through this program, our skilled staff members can quickly and professionally meet the needs of adults who require acute, short-term, inpatient assessment and treatment. Involuntary commitments are accepted.

The Psych-Med program includes:

  • Separate, 14-bed unit
  • Full assessment
  • Medication management and adjustment
  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • 7 day programming
  • Educational groups including: assertiveness, self esteem, co-dependency, discharge planning, grief/loss, stress management, substance abuse, anger management and group therapy
  • Resources including: reality orientation, sensory stimulation, ADLs, spirituality groups and social work
  • Recreational therapy
  • Occupational therapy

Sometimes, more acute medical care must be given in combination with psychiatric care due to age, disease, or other medical diagnosis. The team members on the Psych-Med unit are specially trained and prepared to respond to more medical needs than are normally offered in a psychiatric unit setting. This ensures that our patients are given the utmost care and support/

The decision to place a loved on in psychiatric care is always difficult. The healthcare team at Vidant Medical Center understands that difficulty, and we encourage family involvement in our patient’s care. We strongly believe that a supportive, family-oriented environment is one of the first steps in treating our patients.

We have someone availible to answer your needs quickly. Call our triage office at 252-847-8791 or page 252-413-4117, and a psychiatric triage counselor will respond in 15 minutes or less.