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Vidant Health and ECU’s Four Seasons Chamber Music Festival have partnered to provide live musical performances while community members receive their COVID-19 vaccines at the Vidant/Pitt Large-Scale Vaccine Clinic at the Greenville Convention Center. The partnership aims to bring a calming atmosphere through classical music to community members receiving their “dose of hope.”

Musicians play at the Vidant/Pitt Large-Scale Vaccine Clinic at the Greenville Convention Center.

“Music therapy is not a new science,” said Vidant Chief Experience Officer Dr. Julie Kennedy Oehlert. “We know that music can calm anxieties and ease pain. Music from internationally renowned musicians provides a soothing experience for community members in the observation area after they receive their dose of hope.”

Four Seasons Artistic Director Ara Gregorian values the partnership they have built with Vidant. “Four Seasons is committed to bringing great music and musicians to as many people as possible, and I can think of no better way to do this during the pandemic than bringing musicians from around the world to regularly perform at the Large-Scale Vaccine Clinic,” Gregorian said.

“The beautiful, healing music gratefully provided by Four Seasons will forever be a part of the memories of those that receive their vaccine,” Dr. Oehlert said. Vidant and Four Seasons have partnered for years to bring musical experiences to patients at Vidant Medical Center via live performances and video recordings featuring acclaimed Four Seasons musicians.

Dr. Oehlert said, “This collaboration is yet another demonstration of how our community comes together to support each other during this pandemic and other times of need.”

Vidant has vaccinated over 10,000 people thus far. For more information about vaccination appointments, visit or sign up for email updates on Vidant’s vaccine efforts as new information becomes available.