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Ask any parent or guardian what is the most import aspect of their children’s lives and they will say it is the health and welfare of their children. When children experience challenges to their health as it relates to the brain and spine, Vidant Neurosurgery is a community resource to provide surgical treatment options for families.

Dr. Kathleen Knudson speaks during an interview regarding pediatric neurosurgery.

Pediatric neurosurgery is the surgical treatment of diseases of the brain and spine in children. This includes a wide variety of conditions, from ones that children are born with, to others that children acquire later in life.

Dr. Kathleen Knudson, a pediatric neurosurgeon with Vidant Neurosurgery, shares her experiences and her process for working with patients and their families.

“When I am trying to decide on the best plan for the patient, I look at the entire person,” she said. “I talk to them and find out what they are concerned about and get a detailed neurological exam. I often get an imaging study, depending on what their concern is. Then, I use all this information together, (the history, exam, and imaging) to make a recommendation on surgery. I don’t just look at the imaging alone to make a recommendation.”

In this process, Dr. Knudson works together with the patient and their families to come up with the right treatment for the child.

“It is a team effort,” she said. “I work closely with other Vidant team members, including pediatric oncologists, pediatric neurologists, general surgeons, pediatric orthopedic surgeons, and many other providers to help take care of the patient.”

Dr. Knudson added, “Often, there is more than one surgical option for patients. I go over these different options with the family to decide what is the best plan for everyone. I often recommend minimally invasive surgery, so the child will have a smaller incision and a faster recovery.”

Pediatric neurosurgery patients are seen and treated at the Maynard Children’s Hospital in Greenville. If your child may require neurosurgery, talk to your provider for a referral to Vidant Neurosurgery. If you do not have a Primary Care Provider, Vidant Health can help you find one by calling 1-800-472-8500. You can also learn more on the Neurological Care page.