Getting on the waiting list

Your next visit to the Transplant Clinic will be to see the transplant doctor and social worker. After that visit, a plan will be made to complete your evaluation, which may involve you spending a day with us in the hospital. All necessary tests and procedures will be completed that day. After all the results are back, your medical history will be presented to our transplant selection committee. With the committee’s permission, your transplant nurse will place your name on the transplant list. The committee may decide that more tests are needed. If that happens, you will be contacted and the outcome of the committee’s decision will be explained.

When your name is placed on the transplant list you will receive a letter from the transplant program with the date that your name was placed on the list. While your name is on the transplant list, you may be considered active (you are ready for a transplant) or inactive (there is a reason you are not ready for a transplant). You will receive letters from the transplant program each time you move from one status to the other. Every year while you are waiting for your transplant, we will see you back here at the Transplant Clinic for a re-evaluation. In between visits, please remember to call us with any address and phone number changes. We don’t want you to miss the call for your kidney transplant.

Haisch, Carl E., MD
Harland, Robert C., MD
Morgan, Claire, MD