Caring for yourself after surgery

When you leave the hospital after your transplant, you most likely will go home. Clinic visits will be once a week. Caring for yourself requires the support of your family, good common sense, and following these instructions.

Daily care and activity

Activity after discharge should be focused on increasing activity each day while incorporating some rest periods. Walking is an excellent activity. Please follow these guidelines.

  • No driving and no lifting more than five pounds for about four weeks.
  • Do not return to work until cleared by your transplant physician (usually eight to twelve weeks).
  • Use pain medications before starting an activity. While taking pain medication, drink plenty of fluid and use a stool softener like Colace.
  • Continue a low-salt diet.
  • Staples from surgery will be in place for three weeks as steroids reduce tissue healing time. You may shower with staples and tubes in place. Cleanse sites with antibacterial soap. Pat dry being careful not to pull.
  • Do not use powder or lotion around incision or tube sites.