After Surgery

Your new kidney was placed on either the lower right or lower left side of your abdomen and was surgically connected to nearby blood vessels. Placing the kidney in this position allowed it to be easily connected to blood vessels and the bladder. Your catheter, used to drain urine from the bladder, will be in place for about four days.

Everyone recovers at a different rate, but kidney transplant patients are usually up and moving the day after surgery. Once your diet progresses, you will start preparing to go home. The transplant coordinator will speak with you and your family about monitoring for infection, when to call the transplant team and other common post-surgical topics. You can also find information about these topics within these pages.

You can expect to be discharged from the hospital within four to six days after your kidney transplant. For the first month, you may visit the Transplant Clinic as often as once a week. After the first month, visits may decrease to once every two weeks, then once a month, and so on.