What to expect during your evaluation

 Your overall medical condition will influence your eligibility for kidney transplant. The transplant team will help you choose the best course of action, but you must decide if transplantation is right for you. Transplantation requires a commitment on your part to comply with your prescribed therapy and to make the necessary lifestyle changes for the transplant to last. A healthy kidney is a precious gift; therefore it must be treated with respect.

After attending our educational class, you must make a decision whether you want to proceed with the kidney transplant process. If you do want to proceed, the next step is to
find out if you are eligible for a kidney transplant. You will need to meet with several members of our transplant specialist team including a surgeon, nephrologist, social worker, financial counselor and nurses. We will draw blood, perform an EKG (heart tracing), chest x-ray, and decide whether or not you need to see other specialists such as a cardiologist (heart doctor), pulmonologist (lung doctor) or others.

You will need to be up-to-date on your cancer screening procedures. Depending on your age and gender, these may include a PAP smear, mammogram and/or a colonoscopy. We will do a TB test to make sure you have not been exposed to tuberculosis, or if you have been exposed, that you have been appropriately treated.

Haisch, Carl E., MD
Harland, Robert C., MD
Morgan, Claire, MD