Sleep Services

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. Without proper rest, your mental and physical health decline, and you just don’t feel like yourself.

There are more than 88 different sleep disorders affecting children and adults. At Vidant Health, we are committed to making your dream of a good night’s sleep a reality.

Our physicians treat common problems like snoring and sleep apnea, but we also specialize in more complex disorders like narcolepsy.

Our medical team, along with you and your family, will develop a plan of care which typically begins with careful analysis of a your sleep patterns. We have the latest sleep-monitoring technologies and will work to design an individualized treatment course.

Sleep services are offered through nine of our facilities:

Sleep Lab at Vidant Beaufort Hospital, 252-975-4227
Sleep Lab at Vidant Chowan Hospital, 252-482-6193
Sleep Center at Vidant Duplin Hospital, 910-296-2659
Sleep Center at Vidant Multispecialty Clinic-Tarboro, 252-824-1587
Sleep Center at Vidant Medical Center, 252-847-7500 or 1-866-578-7500
Sleep Center at Vidant Roanoke Chowan Hospital, 252-209-3422
Vidant Sleep Diagnostics - Goldsboro, 919-735-9146 or 1-800-849-4368
Vidant ENT Sinus & Allergy - Clinton, 910-592-9993