Shadow Request

Job shadowing involves following, or shadowing, a professional throughout a workday (or work week) to get a close look at what a particular job involves. It's an ideal way to determine if a particular career path is right for you.

At Vidant Health, we support observational experiences for non-employees and Vidant employees for various purposes including exposure to health careers and opportunities. Please read the policy carefully to understand the shadowing procedure, participant's responsibilities, the mentor's responsibilities and general guidelines for a job shadow experience. For the safety of patients, each shadow participant must complete an application. All signature fields must be complete including witness signature and contact information. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

All shadow requests are subject to review, approval and departmental availability. Incomplete applications will not be processed. All attempts will be made to process requests within a 2-week timeframe.

Requirements for Non-employees 

Read the policy and procedure. 

Required paperwork must include the following and be sent to the entity location you plan to shadow:

1. Complete application  

2. Printed copy of all completed education modules - Enter both your first and last name and print Certificate of Completion for each module to turn in with your application. The website will not retain any student information after the module is printed. Below are the required modules:

  • Infection Control - Safe Practices
  • Environment of Care (select entity you will shadow)
  • Infection Control - Bloodborne pathogens

3. Complete the immunization check off document and attach a copy of your immunization record as proof of information.

Requirements for Vidant Health employees  

Read the policy and procedure  

Required paperwork must include the following and be sent to the entity location you plan to shadow:

1. Complete application  

 If you have questions regarding the policy, please call the specific entity contact you are working with to coordinate the shadow experience.

Location information for Vidant Medical Center campus 

If your entity location is the medical center, navigating where to park, where to go and how to get there is important. The following resources will help you. If using the campus bus, take advantage of Vidant NextBus. It is a real-time locator for the campus bus service which tracks each bus and predicts arrival times via your smartphone or tablet.


Information on Bus Services and Van Service 

Bus Route 

Campus Parking 

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