Mix up your workout with new friends and a dash of fun.

Have fun when you work out, and it won’t feel like work. These classes are designed to get you moving and increase cardiovascular and muscular strength.

Group Cycling

Ride this challenging but low-impact workout for all fitness levels, on a stationary bike.


Put your mind at ease in a stress-free environment with these practices from beginners to advanced.


Participate in a variety of classes at your pace – from aquatics to Zumba – all geared for the young at heart.


Spice up your workout with this dynamic, fun and effective fitness program inspired by Latin dance moves. Have fun while you burn calories.

Interval Training (Ahoskie)

Alternate cardio exercises with muscular conditioning exercises to keep your heart rate elevated while working your entire body.

Find Your Class

Now that you know the variety we offer, it’s time to get moving and find your first class today.