We want to be your partner in health, not just health care.

Health isn’t just about medical treatments and procedures. It’s also about prevention and a lifelong commitment to wellness. We want to partner with you to not only return you to optimal health but sustain it. And, we know staying healthy isn’t one choice. It’s a lot of little ones. That’s why we offer so many. From fitness and nutrition classes to massage therapy, Vidant Health provides endless services to help you take charge of your health.

For those who live with chronic disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure, we offer programs to help you live your best life. Plus, we conduct classes and screening events across the region with important information about how to live healthy and, when needed, access health services.

Why Vidant Wellness & Prevention?

Across our system of care, we provide a comprehensive range of education, wellness and prevention services to our communities. Seminars, screenings, health fairs and more are designed to help you improve and protect your health.

Vidant partners with community groups and agencies to promote your health and wellness, including the Eastern Carolina Injury Prevention Program, the Injury Free Coalition for Kids, Kohl’s Safety Patrol, frequent child safety seat inspections, and more.