Throughout your cancer care journey, we offer resources and support for you and your family.

Vidant Cancer Care offers numerous programs and resources that sustain you throughout your diagnosis, treatment and recovery. From prevention, risk assessment and symptom management to survivorship, Vidant Cancer Care has designed programs to support you in all aspects of your healing process.

Survive and Thrive

Cancer survivorship begins the moment you’re diagnosed and continues throughout your life. It’s more than just medical care and involves you, your family members and caregivers as well. Our programs are designed to facilitate healing in body, mind and spirit. List of support programs:

To support you and your family throughout your cancer experience, Vidant Medical Center offers a variety of programs to nurture your mind, body and spirit. In addition to support groups, we offer massage, yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, exercise, meditation, art, journaling and more. These are all free programs for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. Classes are held in the Resource Library at the Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Tower located at 524 Moye Blvd. in Greenville, adjacent to the hospital.

Support/Survivorship Programs:

  • Journaling – monthly
  • Men’s Support Group – twice a month
  • Patient/Caregiver Tandem Counseling/Support Group – weekly
  • Massage – every Wednesday by appointment
  • Tai Chi and Yoga – one day per week

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call 252-847-9450.



  • Individual psychotherapy for patients of Vidant Cancer Care
  • Meaning-centered psychotherapy, for patients diagnosed with late-stage disease

Support groups

  • Making It, a monthly support group for breast cancer survivors
  • Caring Conversations, a monthly support group that offers topics important to survivors and caregivers
  • Thriving and Surviving, a confidential, yet socially appealing support group for young adult cancer survivors focused on specific issues pertaining to cancer in early adulthood such as intimacy, self-image, managing a career and more
  • Connecting Caregivers, a monthly support group that allows caregivers to share experiences
  • Healing with Horses, a 10- to 12-week program for cancer survivors that offers therapeutic interactions with horses

Complementary therapies

  • Yoga, a low-impact exercise tailored to address the physical and emotional needs left by cancer and its treatment
  • Meditation and mindfulness training, a way to cultivate peaceful, engaged meditation that promotes better health
  • Art experiences, encouraging free expression through painting, drawing and other visual techniques
  • Massage, offering better symptom management and a personal sense of well-being
  • Reiki therapy, a stress reduction and relaxation technique designed to relieve symptoms
  • Aromatherapy, the use of therapeutic grade essential oils to promote general well-being, sometimes used along with other complementary therapies
  • Animal-assisted therapy, the use of certified therapy pets to distract from pain, discomfort and stress
  • Acupuncture, applying needles, heat, pressure and other treatments on the skin to manage symptoms
  • Survivorship 101, a wellness and exercise program offered in conjunction with Vidant Wellness Center
  • Music therapy, a way to incorporate music and sound in ways that improve emotional and physical well-being
  • Exercise for hospitalized patients, instructor-led exercise tailored to the needs of cancer patients
  • Outpatient small group exercise, offering fellowship with other cancer patients while enjoying the benefits of exercise tailored to patients’ needs
  • Tai Chi, a gentle form of martial arts that integrates mental concentration, breathing and fluid movement to promote relaxation and improved health
  • Journaling workshops, instructor-led group sessions that explore journaling as a way to process emotions, relax and discover reasons to be more hopeful about the future

Complementary therapy community partnership programs

  • The Dove Retreat, three-day event offering activities, fellowship and relaxation by the sea
  • Survivorship Celebration Days, various free events held monthly; details at
  • National Cancer Survivors Day Event

Check out upcoming events here.

For information regarding the support/survivorship programs being offered at Vidant Beaufort Hospital, please call 252-974-9409.

For information regarding the support/survivorship programs being offered at Vidant Edgecombe Hospital, please call 252-641-8313.

For information regarding the support/survivorship programs being offered at Vidant North Hospital, please call 252-535-8241.

For information regarding the support/survivorship programs being offered at The Outer Banks Hospital, please call 252-449-2314.

Symptom Management Clinic

If you experience severe symptoms during the course of your cancer diagnosis and treatment, Vidant Cancer Care offers an onsite clinic designed to help ease them. Our goal is to address your symptoms early and, to the extent possible, prevent them from arising in the first place.

You may be seen for the following symptoms, but not limited to:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Shortness of breath
  • Generalized fatigue
  • Decreased appetite
  • Pain
  • Wound/drain issues

For same-day appointments, call 252-816-CARE (2273) and select option 3.