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    Rehabilitation Center Programs and Services

    Acute care rehabilitation services

    Rehabilitation begins in the hospital for some persons served. When requested by your physician, therapists will come to you for an individual assessment.

    Comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation programs

    We offer a variety of programs that deal with physical problems that interfere with a person’s normal activities.

    Stroke program

    We help individuals who have had a stroke, many of whom experience a wide range of impairments, including paralysis of weakness of one side of the body, difficulty swallowing or speaking and thinking clearly.

    Amputation program

    We use a holistic approach, teaching people with limb loss to be more self-sufficient and to adjust to a different lifestyle.

    Orthopedic program

    To help people recover from orthopedic (joint and bone) injuries, we focus on goals to achieve maximum function.

    Pediatric rehabilitation

    Our team serves children birth to age 18 who require intensive inpatient rehabilitation for a variety of reasons.

    Brain injury program

    Because brain injury may cause cognitive problems and physical impairments, we develop a comprehensive plan to promote independence.

    Spinal cord system of care

    Your spinal cord sends messages from your brain to your body. When the spinal cord is injured, you may experience problems with movement and feeling. We create a plan, evaluate the need for assistive technology and help persons served adjust to living with an injury.

    Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation Program

    We provide an assessment of your work and daily living skills to help you make choices about your future.

    Outpatient rehabilitation programs

    If persons served are well enough to function at home, they may come to us for outpatient treatments.

    Pediatric rehabilitation services

    Outpatient services for persons served, birth to age 18.

    Wellness rehabilitation services

    Orthopedic, musculoskeletal and aquatic therapies are offered on an outpatient basis at the Vidant Wellness Center.

    General neurological rehabilitation

    We take a holistic approach to treatment to meet the individual needs of each person served and his or her family.

    Orthopedic programs

    We strive to provide pain relief, prevent dysfunction and avoid recurrence of injury in persons served with orthopedic problems.

    Special services

    Rehabilitation is a big field. Here are other special services we offer:

    Aquatic therapy 
    Individual and group settings are offered in a warm-water 81,000-gallon pool.

    Cochlear Implant Program of Eastern Carolina

    This program is for adults and children with hearing impairments who are candidates for cochlear implants.

    Orthotics program 
    Orthotic devices help people with physical disabilities walk, stand, sit and/or use their upper extremities.

    Swallowing rehabilitation

    Speech and language pathologists use the latest technology to evaluate and treat persons served with swallowing disorders.

    Vestibular rehabilitation

    We use a therapy-based approach to address problems such as dizziness, movement intolerance or loss of balance.

    Vocational rehabilitation

    For persons served who suffered an illness or injury that caused them to not be able to resume their job, vocational rehabilitation uses tools to help identify new abilities, work skills and interests.

    Yoga Fit 
    Yoga Fit classes for persons with disabilities are designed to effectively work all parts of the body equally, creating an experience of non judgment and no competition for our participants. Yoga Fit is designed for individuals with disabilities who may or may not require a caregiver/assistant to facilitate full participation in exercise programs. For more information contact 252-847-0678.