Skin Breakdown Prevention

Pressure Ulcers

If you know someone who has been in the hospital a long time, you probably know about bedsores. Bedsores are also called pressure ulcers. Skin tissue breaks down when a person lies in one position for a long time. The pressure on one area of the body can stop or slow down the flow of blood and oxygen to the spot. When that happens, the person gets a bedsore or pressure ulcer.

If a patient develops a pressure ulcer in the hospital, he may then have health problems that are caused by the ulcer, such as more pain or an infection. These problems can cause a patient to stay longer in the hospital.

Vidant Health hospitals use a set of steps that help prevent pressure ulcers. We call these steps a Skin Bundle, and it consists of five steps.

Preventive Steps

1. We will check you when you arrive to see if you have any signs of having a skin breakdown.
2. We will check you again every day to make sure your skin is OK.
3. We will keep you skin clean and dry.
4. We will make sure you eat healthy food.
5. We will reduce the pressure on sensitive parts of your body. To do that, we change your position every two hours and place you on a special surface to reduce pressure on your skin.