Where to go

The Ambulatory Surgery Unit-North (ASU-North) is located on Heart Drive adjacent to the Vidant Medical Center Emergency Entrance.

Arrival and parking for patients

Please arrive as instructed to allow adequate time for preparation for your surgery. When you arrive at the ASU-North entrance, someone from our Guest Parking Services staff will greet you and offer assistance with wheelchairs, valet and parking directions. Parking staff will be available to escort you inside to the Guest Attendant in the ASU-North lobby if needed. If you arrive alone, give the Guest Attendant a phone number of the person who will be waiting to pick you up.

We provide free valet parking and shuttle service for patients and family members bringing patients to our facility. Our professional parking attendants will park your vehicle, store your keys in a locked area, and bring your car to you when you are discharged. Please do not tip the attendants.

Your surgery time is an estimation; you could possibly go earlier or later than scheduled. Occasionally, there may be a delay beyond our control. You will be told if this happens.

The Guest Attendant will issue a pager. This will allow us to communicate important updates to you or your family. During your surgery, the pager should be given to the family member who is planning to stay in the building during your surgery. The surgeon will call the Guest Attendant when he/she is ready to talk with the family after the procedure. The attendant will page you and arrange to have the family meet the surgeon in a consultation room next to the waiting area.

Parking for family and visitors

We ask that all family members and visitors park in our main visitor parking lot in front of the hospital. Our free shuttle service will pick you up and bring you to the ASU-North entrance. This service is offered Monday through Friday from 5:30 am to 10:00 pm. Call 847-1547 to request a shuttle to or from your vehicle.

Because of limited parking spaces, the lot closest to ASU-North is reserved for patients only. Also, please do not park in the lot designated for our Emergency Department patients.


Handicapped parking spaces can be found in every visitor lot. If all handicapped parking spaces are full, please ask a parking lot attendant for assistance.