Diabetes Inpatient Services

 Diabetes Inpatient Services at Vidant Medical Center uses a coordinated system of interventions to help hospital staff and physicians address the special needs of patients with diabetes.

We can help achieve the goal of effective metabolic management by

  • Reducing complications that patients with diabetes can experience, including increased infection rates, longer healing rates and poorer outcomes as well as increased lengths of stay and resource utilization.
  • Reducing fluctuations in plasma glucose levels
  • Increasing patient satisfaction

Our dedicated, specially trained staff support physicians by

  • Assessing the hospitalized patient to determine individual glycemic control and help the achieve desired outcome during his or her inpatient stay.
  • Monitoring patients' co-morbid conditions and collaborating with the health care team for the delivery of interventions
  • Interacting with the dietary departments to ensure patients' needs are met
  • Facilitating education of patients, before discharge, on basic diabetes survival skills necessary for self-management
  • Ensuring the safe and timely discharge of patients with diabetes
  • Communicating with health care providers as necessary to facilitate patient progress
  • Providing post-discharge follow-up and case management services by diabetes clinical nurse specialist

Our services reflect evidence-based standards of care and current best practices.