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    Recreation Therapy

    Recreation Therapy is an important part of a patient's overall rehabilitation program. Recreation therapists use leisure activities based on existing interests and skills to help patients improve their quality of life.

    Group and individual activities, including our highly regarded aquatic therapy program, help patients

    • develop leisure skills
    • learn to handle stress
    • increase strength and coordination
    • improve social skills
    • improve motivation and self-esteem

    We also help patients take part in community activities that will give them a chance to use their improved skills. Such activities may include shopping trips, bowling, a trip to a local restaurant or outings to sports events.

    Recreation therapy is often provided as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Our therapists also provide treatment to patients admitted to various areas within Vidant Medical Center.


    Our Therapists

    Recreation therapy is provided by licensed recreational therapists who are trained to engage patients in activities that promote their return to home, school and community. Our therapists also help patients manage the stress associated with hospitalization by teaching techniques for coping with and adjusting to limitations or lifestyle changes.

    To learn more about recreation therapy, call 252-847-8525.

    If you are interested in completing a Recreation Therapy internship at Vidant Medical Center, we invite you to review our internship requirements and complete the application.