Care coordinators

Care coordinators are licensed professional social workers or counselors who work as part of an inter-disciplinary treatment team. Care coordinators follow each patient from admission to discharge, ensuring that an individualized treatment plan is developed and followed during the admission. Care coordinators are also responsible for completing psychosocial assessments, which are used to determine the needs of the patients. Information from this assessment tool is also used to access resources during treatment and coordinating services after discharge.

What do care coordinators do?

Services provided by the care coordinator:

  • Complete a thorough psychosocial assessment
  • Development of an individualized treatment plan
  • Act as a liaison between the patient, treatment team and family members
  • Provide individual therapy
  • Provide group therapy
  • Provide family therapy
  • Provide discharge planning group
  • Arrange services for continuity of care after discharge
  • Assist with patient accessing medications assistance program for those patients who meet the criteria
  • Make recommendations and referrals for services which would assist with enhancing life and/or lessening stressors related to mental health
  • Collaborate with community providers to assist with patient’s access to services after discharge