After weight-loss surgery

Once your surgery is over, you will recover in the PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit). *Note: If you are having gastric banding, you go to ASU (Ambulatory Surgery Unit) after recovery. You will be discharged from ASU. Your family will be notified that your surgery is complete and that you are in recovery. Your surgeon will speak with your family after surgery.

The nurses will monitor you closely. They will take your vital signs frequently. 

If you had gastric bypass surgery, you will be moved from PACU to 3 North, Vidant Medical Center’s Bariatric and General Surgery Unit. Nurses on this unit are specially trained to care for weight-loss surgery patients. You will continue to be closely monitored. Your hospital stay will be determined by the type of surgery you have; generally 2-4 days.

The night of surgery, you will be assisted to walk. You will continue to walk around the unit halls. The rooms on 3 North have comfortable recliners for you to sit in. You will have a swallow test the day after surgery to make sure you do not have any difficulty taking liquids when you swallow. After the doctor confirms you have passed the swallow test, you will start a Level I diet, which consists of 2 ounces of water every hour and a special formulated shake for meals.