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    Advance Directives Forms

    To download Advance Directive forms, please visit the NC Advance Health Care Directive Registry by clicking here .   

    All of the above forms are legal documents in North Carolina.

    • Be sure that the completed documents are signed, witnessed and notarized.
    • All of the documents listed above must be written and signed by you while you are still able to understand your condition, make treatment choices and make these choices known.
    • Two qualified people must witness all three types of advance directives.

    What should I do with my advance directives?
    Keep a copy in a safe place and be sure your family knows that you have completed these documents and where they are stored. Give copies to members of your family and to your physician.

    What happens if I change my mind?
    You can cancel your advance directive at any time by informing your doctor that you want to cancel it. You should also destroy all copies.

    You can cancel your health care power of attorney while you are able to make and make known decisions for yourself by signing another one and by notifying your doctor and each health care agent you have named of the change.

    You can cancel your advance instruction for mental health treatment while you are able to make and make known your decisions by telling your doctor or other health care provider that you wish to cancel it.

    Laws are subject to change and do change from time to time. If you have questions or concerns about these forms, please see an attorney.