Be Prepared for Your Visit

Vidant Health recognizes that visits from family and friends can help in the healing process. To help you get familiar with the Medical Center campus, we have provided important visitor information here. Our campus is under construction, so we are sharing a detailed map that should help you navigate the campus.

For the safety and comfort of our patients and staff members, here are some guidelines that apply throughout our hospital. These guidelines promote visits that are positive and safe experiences for patients, their families, visitors and hospital staff.

  • To prevent the spread of infection, wash your hands each time you enter and leave a patient room or unit.
  • Do not visit if you are feeling ill or if you have signs of an infection or respiratory illness.
  • To help patients recover, visitors are asked to limit visits to 30 minutes.
  • Visits should be brief, quiet and pleasant. Please try not to tire the patient.
  • Due to space limitations in the patient rooms, the preferred num­ber of visitors is no more than two at a time.
  • Please help create a restful and heal­ing environment by keeping voices low and avoiding unnecessary noise.
  • Children under 12 should always be under the direct supervision of an adult other than the patient.
  • Visits by children under 12 should always be coordinated with the patient’s nurse and information and access should be developmentally appropriate. There are also a variety of ways other than visiting that chil­dren under 12 can stay in touch with their loved ones. These include send­ing notes or letters, poems, artwork, tapes of talking, reading or singing, photos and by making phone calls.
  • Vidant Health is tobacco-free.
  • Please always wear shirts and shoes.
  • No weapons are allowed in our hospital.