Patients & Families

At Vidant Medical Center, you and your loved ones are our first priority. We feel that it is important to provide you with the information you need when you need it.

To get familiar with our facility before you visit, you can  download a map of the Vidant Medical Center campus.

Whether you are researching one of our services or preparing for a procedure, we want to make sure you play an active role in your care. Families are also essential to the patient care team. With our patient- and family-centered care approach, we openly allow families to stay with their loved ones, based on permission from the patients.

We have recently launched our "Tell Us Now" program. This program allows you to communicate with your health care team while you or your loved one is receiving care at Vidant Medical Center. We are always open to hear your compliments, comments and concerns face-to-face, and with Tell Us Now, there are even more ways for you to connect with us. Call 252-847-TELL, text 252-917-9280, email or fill out our online form.