Vidant Company Police

Serving and Protecting our staff, patients and visitors

As part of a professional healthcare team, the Vidant Company Police Department’s mission is to protect and serve the patients, visitors and staff of all Vidant Health entities in order to provide a high quality, cost effective and secure environment for the provision of quality patient care. We accomplish this by working continually to improve our skills and service.

Our officers are dedicated to providing excellent service through building trusting partnerships that help to create a safe environment for our hospitals, properties and communities. The Department works closely with staff, patients and visitors to create and maintain a safe and secure facility. Officers of the Vidant Company Police Department have the same authority as municipal police officers to make arrests for both felonies and misdemeanors, charge for infractions, and to perform all the duties of a sworn law enforcement officer in the state of North Carolina. All of our police officers are certified by the state of North Carolina and commissioned through the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office.

We make every attempt to deter criminal activity and to provide the safest environment possible. However, the Department cannot assure or guarantee a crime-free working environment. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of our staff, patients, and visitors to be security-conscientious and to avoid actions that may jeopardize themselves or others. All crimes, hazards, emergencies or dangerous situations should be immediately reported to the Hospital Police Department. 

Emergencies: 252-847-4376  

Non-emergency: 252-847-8568