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The old adage, home is where the heart is, surely rings true for Azil Wooten, an elderly patient of Vidant Home Health and Hospice. Wooten was living with a friend in an older home. Each day he found the large, high steps to be more and more difficult. He said, “I wanted to find a place that had easier access where I wouldn’t have to be as worried about falling or injuring myself.”

Wooten became a home health patient and he worked closed with his clinical team to become stronger and more stable when ambulating. Understanding Wooten’s physical limitations was a key component to Mr. Wooten’s success. Vidant Home Health and Hospice was determined to help make his dream of living independently a reality. When Mr. Wooten’s homecare team became aware of the need for housing Vanessa Johnson, a medical social worker, reached out to the Pitt County Housing Authority. They provided contacts and information to help with Wooten’s request. Toye Branch, site manager for Crystal Springs and Life House of Greenville, responded to the inquiry and provided guidance for Mr. Wooten to realize his dream.

Vanessa Johnson and Ms. Branch collaborated to find a home to accommodate Wooten’s physical challenges where he could continue independent living. Johnson said, “As a social worker, I listen and help patients to identify their options. Then, I advocate to help them cross barriers to improve their life circumstances.” Johnson has found the county housing authority to be a great resource for many of her clients.

“When the community is considering information about the Pitt County Housing Authority, they should know there are more options than public housing,” Branch said. She was able to help Mr. Wooten with the necessary paperwork to help him become a resident of Life House.

Sarah Taylor, marketing manager for Vidant Home Health and Hospice said, “At Vidant, our patients always come first. We are thrilled to help patients like Mr. Wooten find a home that meets his needs.”

For more information about the resources and services of Vidant Home Health and Hospice, call 252-847-2000.