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    Living with Heart

    Heart Truth 2016 featured 8 wonderful events throughout our region. If you missed it, you can watch video presentations by keynote speaker Dr. Samuel Sears, Professor of Psychology and Cardiovascular Services at East Carolina University and Dr. Noel Peterson of Eastern Cardiology and East Carolina Heart Instutite now.

    Dr. Samuel Sears — "Living With Heart" 

    Dr. Noel Peterson — "Stress and Your Heart" 


    About Our Speaker

    Dr. Samuel Sears inspires groups around the globe about the connection between your mind and your body in living with heart disease or preventing it in the first place. Best of all, he’s one of us — an East Carolina University professor and clinical psychologist who knows first-hand the challenges we face in our region. He teaches that it’s not just about staying alive, but about living a more fulfilled life, no matter what our stressors may be. It’s all about living with heart.

    Learn more about Dr. Sears. 

    Sam Sears


    "Living with Heart" Flier

    Vidant Wellness Center February special - Train with the one you love and get free sessions!

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    Watch now: Just a Little Heart Attack — a video starring and directed by Emmy-nominated actress Elizabeth Banks.

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