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    Vidant Edgecombe Hospital Development Council

    Organized in 2004, the Vidant Edgecombe Hospital Development Council is a 13-member organization that works in partnership with Vidant Edgecombe Hospital to raise funds to supplement programs, services and equipment that may not be included in the hospital’s annual budget. Additional revenue raised through the Development Council fundraising projects enables Vidant Edgecombe Hospital to reach more people in Edgecombe County and surrounding areas. The goal of the council is to make the hospital and community stronger, taking on projects to augment the work that Vidant Edgecombe Hospital is already doing for the community and to address the health care issues facing patients today.  


    Past fundraising programs have supported important projects such as the Vidant Oncology - Tarboro Expansion Project and the creation of a Breast Wellness Center. 


    For more information on how your gift can make a difference in the lives of those in Edgecombe County, contact 252-641-8291.