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    Leadership at Vidant Duplin Hospital

    Director's Council

    Kenneth L. Smith, Chair
    Earl F. Brinkley
    Willie Gillespie
    James A. Jackson
    Glenn Jernigan
    Thomasine Kennedy
    Jessie Hand Ladson
    Wendy Murphy
    C. Daniel Pate Jr., MD, chief of the medical staff
    Murray Roberts
    Franklin Williams

    Foundation Board of Directors

    J.W. Kilpatrick, Chair
    Tom Fife, Executive director
    Wanda Campbell Clay
    Pam Godwin
    Hutch Jones
    Thomasine Kennedy
    Cliff Kilpatrick
    Penny Kornegay
    Faye Jones
    Jerri Levitsky
    Billy Merritt
    Debra Morrisey
    Alejandra Nunez
    Mark Rector
    Roger Robertson
    Sharon Wallace
    Margaret Williams 

    Administrative Staff

    Jay Briley
    Sue Taylor
    Vice president of patient care services
    Lucinda Crawford
    Vice president of financial services
    Pansy Chase
    Director of human resources
    Laura Maready
    Director of marketing and development
    Annette Taylor
    Director of clinical support services