Do Your Part.

We need your help, so we can help take care of you and your loved ones. Do your part to protect yourself and others — including those who provide care in eastern North Carolina.

COVID-19 cases continue to climb and we need to work together to help stop the spread. Follow COVID-19 guidelines to help the health care heroes who take care of a region.

We see the face of this pandemic in the faces of Vidant Health team members on the front lines. We see it in their dedication to one another, the patients and families they serve, and a region that depends on them for care. They work tirelessly, enduring long and challenging hours and adapting to an ever-changing situation while following these guidelines on hospital floors and in their own lives.

Remember to wash your hands, maintain a social distance from others of about 6 feet, and wear a mask when in public to help keep yourself, your family and your community safe. Check out some of the helpful resources below to learn more.