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We Pledge to…

Honor your privacy, listen to your questions and explain our care. As your partner in your health, we make these promises to you.
We want you to…

Ask questions, provide us with accurate information and speak up if you have concerns. You, and your family and friends, are an important part of our medical team. As we work together to provide your care we ask you to help us with a few things.
Safety and Security

We know hospitals can be a scary place for our family members. While you’re staying with us, we will keep you safe. We ask for your participation as we double and triple check our safety measures.

Visits from family members and friends are encouraged; we believe it speeds up the healing process. We monitor visitors and may restrict visits to ensure the best care possible. Read about our visiting hours for the hospital including when and why we restrict hours.
While You Are Here

The Family Resource Center will provide you with answers to many of the questions you have about your visit with the Maynard Children’s Hospital. Many people have questions about the dining options, services (including our Ronald McDonald house), units and programs we offer. Visit our Family Resource Center to learn more.
Emergency Room

Children who require emergency care have special needs – from right-sized medical equipment to a little extra reassurance when things get scary. The Children's Emergency Department at Vidant Medical Center provides quality and compassionate care to eastern North Carolina's youngest patients.

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Play Spaces

We’ve organized a place for you to socialize and meet some of the other patients who are also visiting the hospital. We offer play spaces for younger children and a teen lounge for patients ages 11 to 21. Read more about our play spaces where you can play and meet with other patients. We encourage you to invite your siblings and friends to join you!
Play Therapy Island

An outdoor therapy environment designed with you in mind. It’s nice to get outdoors.
Seascape Theater

Your on-campus resources for entertainment and activities. If you can’t make it to the theater, we’ll stream the events right to your room.
Video Games in Room

You may bring portable DVD players and portable video games from home, but before you do… check out out the Play Spaces, Play Therapy Island and Seascape Theater available to you on campus. If you prefer to stay in your room, we have laptops and age-appropriate games available.
Diversion Rooms

We’ve designed special diversion rooms to make test taking and procedures more enjoyable. In our procedure rooms you may take a journey beneath the sea, explore ocean life, go on a guided tour of the coral reef or blast off into space.
Interactive Wall

Visit the Interactive Wall to take a walk on the beach, play with bubbles, explore the coral reef and hunt for treasure in our shipwreck. You control the adventure on our interactive wall.

Childrens Hospital homepage banner
Provides doctor-approved health information about children from before birth through adolescence. It has separate areas and age-appropriate content for kids, teens and parents. Read about your diagnosis and treatment on KidsHealth.  
Brain Pop
Provides educational resources including articles, movies, games and quizzes in the areas of arts, music, English, health, math, science, social studies and technology. Let’s get learning.  
In-Hospital School
If you are going to miss several days of school because of your time here, we will bring school to you. A teacher will either come to your room or you may go to the school room at Maynard Children’s Hospital. Contact us to make education arrangements.
We have laptops available for you to use during certain hours. You can get wireless internet access and age-appropriate games. Read more about the games available to you.
Activity Book
Our customized kids activity book includes lots of games and brain twisters like mazes, connect-the-dots, word finds and more. This 8-page book will keep children entertained while they stretch their minds. Take a peek inside our activity book.