Vidant Operational Update

Weather Update: Jan. 18, 2018 @ 6:11 pM

Please be advised temperatures will drop below freezing tonight, Jan. 18.

The National Weather Service cautions that even if roadways have been cleared of snow following a storm, any water left on the roadways may freeze, resulting in a clear sheet of ice. It is most dangerous in the early morning due to below freezing nighttime temperatures.

Forecast highs are expected to reach the 50s on Friday, Jan. 19 and the low 60s on Saturday, Jan. 20.

Closings and delays

VMC Operations: Business as usual
Operations at Vidant Medical Center remain business as usual.

The Outer Banks Hospital:
Please visit The Outer Banks Hospital website for the latest information: .

Please remember your safety when walking around hospital grounds.

Walking to and from parking lots, across campus, on sidewalks and steps at work during the winter requires special attention to avoid slipping and falling. Slips and falls are one of the most frequent types of injuries – especially during the winter months.

No matter how well the snow and ice are removed from the parking lots, sidewalks or stairs, team members may still encounter some slippery surfaces when walking outdoors. It is important for everyone to be constantly aware of these dangers and learn to walk safely on ice and slippery surfaces. Please keep in mind the safety tips below:

  • Wear appropriate footwear. Avoid walking in shoes that have smooth surfaces, which increase the risk of slipping.
  • Walk consciously. Be alert to the possibility that you could quickly slip on an unseen patch of ice. Avoid the temptation to run to catch a bus or beat traffic when crossing a street.
  • Walk cautiously. Your arms help keep you balanced, so keep hands out of pockets and avoid carrying heavy loads that may cause you to become off balance.
  • Walk "small." Avoid an erect, marching posture. Look to see ahead of where you step. When you step on icy areas, take short, shuffling steps, curl your toes under and walk as flatfooted as possible.
  • Use special care when entering and exiting vehicles; use the vehicle for support.
  • Watch where you are stepping and ... GO S-L-O-W-L-Y.

Please use caution while driving or walking, as surfaces may be slippery.  For forecast updates, visit the National Weather Service at or your local media.