Ulnar Decompression

The ulnar nerve is located within the elbow, and it is responsible for the “funny bone” sensation you feel when you hit your elbow. It can be damaged from a trauma or other injury, and this can lead to a permanent feeling of numbness or tingling. This damage can also cause a loss of function in the muscles of the hand.

If testing shows that your ulnar nerve has such damage, your doctor may recommend ulnar decompression. This is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure used to remove any compressive forces on the nerve, relieve symptoms and restore function.

Ulnar nerve decompression surgery can involve cutting a band of tissue, moving the nerve or removing a small portion of bone in the elbow to create more space for movement.

This surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure and often takes less than an hour to complete.

Technologies for Ulnar Decompression

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Side Effects and Risk Factors for Ulnar Decompression

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