Speech Therapy

Speech therapy provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for children and adults who have communication and swallowing disorders. Speech, language and swallowing problems can result from a variety of causes, including stroke, brain injury, hearing loss, developmental delays, Parkinson’s disease and/or congenital disorders like cleft palate.

Speech therapy is designed to improve function and quality of life for patients with all of these issues. It can also be very effective for people with autism spectrum disorders, dementia, head or neck injuries, stuttering problems and more.

Speech therapy services may be provided during a hospital stay or on an outpatient basis. Therapists work to evaluate patients’ level of speech or swallowing difficulty, create and carry out treatment plans and teach patients how to improve their voices and strengthen their muscles. They also counsel patients and their families on how to cope with their condition.

At Vidant Health, we have speech and language pathologists who treat aphasia, dysarthria and apraxia. We also provide comprehensive assessments and treatment plans for dysphagia. And we offer specialized services like cognitive communicative retraining, the Passy-Muir Speaking Valve, options for communication after surgery for head and neck cancer and special pediatric programs.

Technologies for Speech Therapy

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What to Expect for Speech Therapy

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Side Effects and Risk Factors for Speech Therapy

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Education and Resources for Speech Therapy

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