Occupational Therapy

Illness, injury or aging can all get in the way of our everyday activities at home, on the job and in our community. For example, a wrist injury can make getting dressed in the morning painful. Arthritis means it’s harder to open a jar in the kitchen. A traumatic brain injury can make almost everything more difficult because of its effect on memory and organizational skills.

Occupational therapy is a specialized form of rehabilitation that focuses on helping you maintain or rebuild your independence and ability to carry out the activities of daily life. It is useful for patients of all ages dealing with physical, developmental, sensory or emotional disabilities and conditions. 

At Vidant Health, we provide occupational therapy services in the inpatient, outpatient and acute care settings. We offer comprehensive assessments and individualized treatment plans for each patient, as well as education for patients and family members who are important members of the rehabilitation team.

Specific treatments may include aquatics, splints or other adaptive devices, practice with daily living activities and home safety education. Our therapists also work with patients on range of motion, strength and endurance training, balance training and fine motor skills. Our programs also help with community reintegration, coping skills, behavior management and conflict resolution.

Some of our specialized services include the following:

•    Lymphedema clinic
•    Hand therapy
•    Neuro-rehab services
•    Self-care rehab
•    Return to work program
•    Functional capacity evaluations (FCE)
•    Pediatric therapy for autism, fine motor delay, developmental issues, feeding problems, etc.
•    Dementia patient and family education

Technologies for Occupational Therapy

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What to Expect for Occupational Therapy

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Side Effects and Risk Factors for Occupational Therapy

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Education and Resources for Occupational Therapy

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