The MitraClip system consists of implant catheters and the MitraClip device. The device is a permanent implant that attaches to the mitral valve leaflets. The device works much like a "clothes pin" that pulls the leaflets together. This procedure results in a double opening of the mitral valve allowing it to close better and reduces the leakiness of the valve. (Your doctor may refer to this leakiness as mitral regurgitation.)

This is a minimally invasive procedure. The device is inserted through the groin in a large vein. The catheter is then guided up to the heart. The device is then positioned by grasping both leaflets of the mitral valve much like a clothes pin would clip two pieces of cloth together. The MitraClip is left in place and the catheter that was used to place the device is then removed.

The major benefit of the MitraClip is the reduction in mitral valve regurgitation (leakiness of the valve). Placement of this device will result in fewer hospitalizations, improve quality of life and relief of symptoms.

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