Lymphedema Therapy

There is no cure for lymphedema. Treatment depends on its cause and the goal is to reduce the swelling and control pain.

Lymphedema therapy can include the following:

  • Compression garments – stockings or sleeves that compress body parts to prevent lymph fluid buildup
  • Pneumatic compression – uses a sleeve connected to a pump that applies and relieves pressure to the arms and legs
  • Bandaging – wrapping affected body parts to help support tissues so fluid can flow freely
  • Exercise – can include brisk walking or gradual weight-lifting exercises to help build muscle
  • Manual lymphatic drainage – special massage technique that uses gentle pressure to move fluid out of areas where it is collecting
  • Dietary changes
  • Proper hygiene and skin care to prevent infection

Technologies for Lymphedema Therapy

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What to Expect for Lymphedema Therapy

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Side Effects and Risk Factors for Lymphedema Therapy

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Education and Resources for Lymphedema Therapy

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