Health Coaching

A health coach helps patients learn the skills and develop the confidence to actively pursue their personalized health goals. Your health coach can also be an important bridge between you and your primary care physician.

When working with patients who have chronic illnesses, health coaches teach disease­specific skills, encourage healthy behaviors, build problem­solving skills, help manage the emotional impact of chronic illness, provide regular follow­up and encourage people to be active participants in their care. A health coach can also help you navigate the complex health care system by helping you find the right resources and making sure your voice is heard.

A health coach plays an especially vital role in helping patients transition from the hospital back home. As you make the move back home, your health coach can work with you on managing your medications They can help you make plans to overcome barriers to follow­up appointments. A health coach knows the signs of slow recovery and can help you manage them. Finally, your coach is a vital partner in setting and achieving realistic goals as you recover.

Technologies for Health Coaching

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What to Expect for Health Coaching

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Side Effects and Risk Factors for Health Coaching

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Education and Resources for Health Coaching

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