Falls Risk Screening

What is falls risk screening?

Falling is one of the most common causes of injury, especially for senior citizens and people recovering from procedures. They're also preventable. If you're a patient in one of our hospitals, we're responsible for helping you avoid falls, and we take that responsibility seriously.

As part of assessing your condition, your Vidant health care team will try to determine whether you're at high, medium or low risk of falling. Our screening process involves a detailed interview that covers:

  • Your history of previous falls
  • Any concerns you may have about falling
  • Whether you've recently felt unsteady while standing or walking
  • Your current medical conditions, including any problems with heart rate or rhythm, blood pressure, vision, lack of control over bathroom function, depression, cognitive impairment, foot problems or other medical conditions
  • Any medications you're taking

Your team will also test your balance and physical strength. They may ask you to walk, sit, stand, or stand on top of chair.

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