Organ transplant is a life-changing option for patients with organ failure. Patients with kidney failure or diabetes can get a kidney or pancreas transplant right here in eastern North Carolina. We also care for patients with advanced liver disease and coordinate care for liver transplantation when needed.

The multidisciplinary transplant team at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville – surgeons, physicians, nurses, social workers, dieticians, pharmacists and financial counselors – oversees an active kidney and pancreas transplant program that transplants more than 70 patients every year. Patients receive kidney transplants from deceased and living donors every week. We also perform pancreas transplants for certain patients with diabetes, especially if you also have kidney disease.

The Vidant transplant program will work with you and your doctors to help to determine if a transplant is right for you. Once you have been diagnosed, your primary care provider, nephrologist (kidney doctor) or endocrinologist (diabetes doctor) can refer you to Vidant for evaluation. We will meet with you and your family to explain the transplant procedure, review your medical condition and determine if transplant is best for you. We will guide you through the process and support you to make the best decision for you and your family.

Why Vidant?

  • Experienced care. For more than 35 years, transplant teams with Vidant Medical Center and East Carolina University have given patients a new chance at life through organ transplant.
  • Coordinated and efficient care. On a single day, you will attend educational sessions, meet with the transplant team and have the necessary testing to determine if transplant is right for you. Then, we work with your doctors to keep you healthy and ready for transplant while you are waiting.
  • Personal care. We understand the people of eastern North Carolina. Our team of nurses, doctors, social workers and pharmacists live and work here. We understand you and your needs and will work with you to ensure the best possible experience. And we provide this care close to your home.
  • Comprehensive care. Patients with liver and kidney failure require specialized care for all aspects of surgery, not just transplants. We are here to help. Our transplant surgeons are fellowship-trained to care for all your surgery needs including access for dialysis, hernia repair, treatment of hyperparathyroidism and complications of cirrhosis.

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