A good night’s sleep is important. Everyone experiences a bit of insomnia occasionally, but if your sleep issues are more serious than that, it’s time to get checked out. Without proper rest, your mental and physical health decline.

There are dozens of different sleep disorders that affect both children and adults. Some are relatively common like snoring or sleep apnea, and others are more complex like narcolepsy. At Vidant Health, our physicians are trained to treat them all.

Sleep services are offered in most of our facilities, and we have dedicated Sleep Centers to serve you. Our medical team will work with you and your family to monitor your sleep patterns and develop a customized treatment plan.

At Vidant, we are committed to making your dream of a good night’s sleep come true.

Why Vidant?

  • Dedicated Sleep Centers designed with you in mind. Your safety, privacy and comfort are important to us. Our facilities are furnished with comfortable beds, televisions and a home-like atmosphere.
  • Expert care. Vidant Health sleep services feature the latest tools and technologies for evaluation, testing and treatment of many sleep disorders. Our staff includes board-certified sleep medicine physicians, neurologists, pulmonologists, psychologists, ENT surgeons and dental consultants. And we provide this care compassionately and close to home.
  • A continuum of care. Your primary doctor will probably be the first provider that you discuss your sleep issues with. He or she may refer you for sleep testing at one of our specialized facilities. We’ll share the results of any testing with your personal physician and assist with any follow-up care.
  • Convenient, secure access to your health care through Vidant MyChart. Our online patient portal makes it easy to review important health information, request prescription refills, view lab results, request appointments, access follow-up care, send a message to your doctor and much more. No matter where you see a Vidant Health provider, all your records are tied together electronically, so your care is easily coordinated.

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