Issues with your digestive tract - or the many organs surrounding it - can cause a wide range of health conditions. The gastroenterology team at Vidant Health uses advanced diagnostic testing to pinpoint your issue and works with the other members of your health care team to create a treatment plan just for you.

We have cutting-edge technology and are dedicated to treating both common and rare conditions. Our gastroenterologists use minimally invasive treatment techniques whenever possible to reduce your recovery time.

Why Vidant?

  • You get a whole team of experts. When you are facing a digestive/gastrointestinal issue, it's not just you and one doctor tackling the problem; it's an entire multidisciplinary team of experts from many different areas. All of the specialists you need are right here.
  • Education is part of what we do. Lifestyle choices can have an impact on your digestive system. We will help educate you on making better choices for your overall health.
  • We make your care as convenient as possible.  Many times, the tests or procedures you need can be done on an outpatient basis.
  • We offer innovative treatment possibilities. If you need surgery, our team will try the most minimally invasive ways to perform the procedure. This decreases recovery time and lowers your risk of infection.

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