Interactive Wall

Go on an underwater adventure without getting wet! On these giant TV screens, you can have fun with tropical fish, sea turtles, seahorses, dolphins, whales and a scuba diver. If you are a treasure hunter, our shipwreck scene will be fun for you. Help an octopus open the treasure chest and find coins!


As soon as you walk into Children’s Hospital, you will know that we love the sea and all its creatures. We have very cool decorations, but we have real sea creatures too! In our huge aquarium, we have all kinds of fish and colorful coral and rock. Make sure you stop by. The fish love visitors!

Seascape Theater

A theater in a hospital? Oh, yes! And we do much more than watch movies. We play bingo, have birthday parties and do arts and crafts. If you can’t make it down to the theater, it’s ok! We can live stream everything to your room so it will be like you are right there.

Play Spaces

Our playroom is filled with games, toys and crafts. For those a little older, we have a teen lounge for ages 11– 21. Activities in the teen lounge include video games, a computer, magazines, music and board games. When you want to get some fresh air, head outside to Play Therapy Island.

Diversion Experience 

Sometimes the doctor has to run tests that require you to be very still and quiet. We know that’s hard, so we made special rooms for just for you. Watching the TVs on the ceiling, you can explore a coral reef, walk on the beach, journey beneath the sea or blast off on outer space adventure.

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