Children aren't just little adults. Their bodies are unique and so are their health care needs. Vidant Health understands the needs of children - from infant to teen to young adult. Years ago, we made a promise to families in eastern North Carolina and today, we continue to work very hard to bring even more health care providers to this region to meet all the needs of the children we serve.


Vidant Health offers children's services across our 29-county region with the hub of care offered in Greenville at James and Connie Maynard Children's Hospital at Vidant Medical Center. We have specialists in pediatric surgery, hematology/oncology (cancer and blood disorders), nephrology (kidney), neonatology (medical needs of newborns), gastroenterology and hepatology (digestive system) and nutrition.

At Maynard Children's Hospital, we deliver care in specialized units designed to be diversionary, decrease children's anxiety and keep families close together. We have a pediatric intensive care unit as well as a neonatal intensive care unit. Our KISU - Kids Immunosuppressed Specialty Unit - is for children with cancer, blood disorders, sickle cell disease, kidney disorders and other illnesses that compromise their immune system. 


One waiting area features an interactive wall with four different scenes, and we have four diversion rooms to relax and calm patients during certain procedures.

A variety of therapies are available to patients, and we have palliative and pastoral care. Patients also benefit from the many services provided by our Child Life team.

We have a Family Resource Center to provide you with answers to many of the questions you have about your visit to Maynard Children’s Hospital. Also, you can learn about health conditions the fun way through a variety of interactive, educational activities through KidsHealth and BrainPop.

Vidant Health also has a dedicated Children's Emergency Department, also located in Greenville.


Why Vidant?

  • Play spaces. We’ve organized a place for you to socialize and meet some of the other patients who are also visiting the hospital. We offer play spaces for younger children and a teen lounge for patients ages 11 to 21.
  • In-house entertainment. Our Seascape Theater provides activities to entertain your child and family. These include movie nights, bingo, plays, off-chemo parties, birthday celebrations and team visits. Activities in the theater can be streamed to patient rooms for patients unable to come to the theater. All activities are scheduled through child life services and are designed to make the hospital experience less stressful.

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