Allergy and Asthma

Allergies are among the most common health problems, affecting millions of people. They have many different sources – grass and pollen, animal dander, insect venom, food and drug, immune disorders and more. From chronic breathing issues to severe skin rashes, allergies can cause many problems. If you suffer from allergies, you know how much this chronic condition can affect your quality of life.

Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases in our country, affecting millions of children and adults. Asthma, even asthma in children, can be successfully treated and controlled with the right care. Vidant Health has a comprehensive Pediatric Asthma Program that focuses on helping you recognize, prevent and control your child’s asthma symptoms with specialized education, tools and support resources. This program is available at these locations:

  • Vidant Bertie Hospital
  • Vidant Chowan Hospital
  • Vidant Edgecombe Hospital
  • Vidant Medical Center
  • Vidant Roanoke-Chowan Hospital

Although allergies and asthma are more common in children, many adults also have these conditions. A first-time occurrence can happen at any age, and can recur after many years without symptoms.

At Vidant Health, we treat allergies and asthma with the latest tests and technologies available. We understand that every case is different, so we take the time to develop a personalized plan for you, including trigger avoidance and immunotherapy. We also focus on educating you about the causes, symptoms and care of your condition.

Why Vidant?

  • Convenient access to care. Allergy and asthma specialists are located in several locations throughout eastern North Carolina.
  • Comprehensive testing and treatment. Vidant Health primary care and allergy specialists will work with you to determine the exact cause of your allergies and develop a personalized treatment plan. In addition to medications, we can help you with lifestyle changes and education for avoiding triggers.
  • Convenient, secure access to your health care through Vidant MyChart. Our online patient portal makes it easy to review important health information, request prescription refills, view lab results, request appointments, access follow-up care, send a message to your doctor and much more. No matter where you see a Vidant Health provider, all your records are tied together electronically, so your care is easily coordinated.

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