Facial tics

What are facial tics?

A facial tic is a recurring, involuntary spasm of your facial muscles. Facial tics are usually short-term, and they’re most common among children. In rare cases, though, they can last longer and occur in adults.

Cause of facial tics

The cause of the most common tics is unknown, but stress appears to make them worse. In rare cases, tics can be a symptom of chronic motor tic disorder or Tourette syndrome.

Symptoms of facial tics

  • Blinking
  • Involuntary frowning
  • Mouth twitching
  • Nose wrinkling
  • Squinting
Regular throat-clearing or grunting may also occur.


Treatment of facial tics

Pediatric facial tics typically go untreated, as the added stress of treatment could make them worse. Medication and stress management education are potential treatments for adults with chronic tics.

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