What is deconditioning?

Deconditioning is a decline in function of your body parts and systems.

Causes of deconditioning

It is often the result of a long period of inactivity or bed rest, and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to deconditioning. Risk factors for deconditioning include illness, disability, chronic disease, medications, and psychosocial circumstances.

Symptoms of deconditioning

Deconditioned individuals could present any of a range of physical and psychosocial signs and symptoms. Prevention of deconditioning requires a multifaceted approach that includes walking, turning, and positioning in bed, nutrition, medical management, and psychological support.


Treatment of deconditioning

Reconditioning - The reversal of deconditioning - is a long process that may be overwhelming to the patient and caregivers. Successful reconditioning demands that you and your care team develop a specific treatment plan tailored to your needs.

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